Artists to Look Out for at Hangout Fest 2019


Words by Chloe Trinka

Hey kids, Chloe here! I’m sure we’ve all noticed that festival announcement season is upon us. Anyone happen to hear about Hangout Fest? If you haven’t, here’s the lowdown. Hangout Fest takes place in Gulf Shores, Alabama and is all about sun, fun, and music. This festival takes place right on the beach so watch out, you might just end up sunbathing with some of your faves.

This month I’m going to talk to you guys about a couple up-and-comers that I think you should be on the lookout for. One of every indie kid’s favorite pastimes is finding the great bands who just haven’t gotten their name on the big charts yet. But anyways, let’s cut to the chase, here are your three Hangout Fest performers to watch for!



First up is slenderbodies hailing from sunny Santa Cruz. You can find them on Instagram as @slenderbodies. The lo-fi group is comprised of Max and Benji, who create calming rhythms and falsetto crooning. These two have played multiple international festivals and have toured  with indie rock band Milky Chance.

Newest release: “King”

Music best for: Studying boring material, calming baths, painting watercolor

For fans of: Magic City Hippies, Novo Amor



Next up is grandson out of Toronto, Canada. You can find him as @grandson on Instagram.  grandson, otherwise known off-stage as Jordan Benjamin, mixes many genres to create his own, individual sound. Some might argue that it’s hard rock, some might consider it rap, but whatever it is, it’s good. grandson has headlined multiple of his own shows throughout America.

Newest release: “Blood // Water”

Music best for: Jamming with friends, night car rides, crying in the dark

For fans of: Barns Courtney, Aesop Rock



Finally, is Castlecomer from Sydney, Australia. You can find them on Instagram as @castlecomer. This group consists of five members by the names of Bede, Neely, Joe, Tommy, and Patch. They are your classic indie rock/pop band that makes you want to dance around in your basement with all your friends. They have recently announced 26 dates across America with favorites Magic Giant and Weathers.

Newest release: “She’s So High”

Music best for: Summer nights in a Jeep, dancing in the shower, days on the beach

For fans of: Vinyl Theater, COIN


This has been your lookout for Hangout Fest. Keep reading monthly to see what other newbies I’ll be introducing. Also, stay tuned until May to see personal pictures, videos, and performances from Hangout Fest from yours truly. Hope to catch you on the beach, kids!

-Chlo (@c.trinka on instagram)

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