MØ at Commodore Ballroom

By: Kiri Anne 


On Wednesday night, Danish electropop singer MØ stepped through a thick haze of purple smoke onto the Commodore Ballroom stage in Vancouver, Canada as the intro to her newest record “Purple like the Summer Rain” began to play.



The room was instantly captivated by her presence and the energy she exuded through her smile and punchy, sweet vocals got everyone dancing and jumping around without a care in the world. Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any better, the singer hopped off the stage and walked through the crowd, preformed a few songs on a smaller stage at the back of the room with a glass of red wine in hand (while belting out her song titled ‘Red Wine’, of course).


However she wasn’t done with joining in on the party, she went back into the audience which created a circle around her as she sang and danced with them. Needless to say, MØ has it all and missing out on one of her shows really isn’t an option. Even if you’re only familiar with her big radio hit’s with other artists, this isn’t just a concert.. it’s a party where everyone is free to let loose, dance, sing their hearts out and have a good time.




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