Album Review: Phantom

Hot nights like the ones that are upon us are best spent dancing alone in your room to songs like Nightly’s latest single, “Phantom.” The Nashville two-piece is back after a string of singles in the winter to enchant us with a pounding, mid-tempo anthem for the ages.

“Phantom” is a bit of a departure from the rest of Nightly’s singles thus far, introducing a slightly less alternative pop sound, but still keeping the backbone of their established sound. Swiping through their discography on Spotify, you won’t find much by way of album covers, but everything you’ll find will be impactful in it’s own little way. This track in particular is the most percussion-heavy of all of their music and I think that that will turn this into a fan favorite at their upcoming live shows.

It’s pretty hard to not associate each aspect of this song with the sights and sensations of seeing a spirit as every bit comes together in a way that can’t be described as anything less than haunting. Reverberating vocals linger on the track, shimmering in your mind just as a ghost leaves a cold glow in its wake. The first 45 seconds of instrumentation surges through your headphones, like water filling a room, the gentle tug of a crescendo keeps you under as the first chorus comes in. The constant push and pull of the instrumental underneath the vocals gives the song time to breath but leaves you utterly breathless.

Nightly is running on an infinite amount of momentum gained in the first half of this year, so keep your eye out for new music very soon!

NIGHTLY: Website | Facebook | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

By: Ashton Carr


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