K.Flay at The Royale

By: Samantha Schraub


Over the past year K.Flay’s name has become illustrious in the music industry. From releasing her sophomore album to being nominated for a Grammy for that same album, the rise of K.Flay is one that has beencaptivating to watch.  With the release of Every Where is Some Where, K.Flay set off on tour bringing her live performances to fans across the United States. Despite a couple of weather-related bumps in the road- the typical Northeastern blizzard caused Yungblud to get stuck on the road- K.Flay’s show at the Royale in Boston went on without a flaw in the set.


Boston-native, Ed Balloon opened up the night with unrelenting passion. As he cares to call himself, “free like a balloon,” would be the best way to describe Ed Balloon and his performance. For fans of R&B, psychedelic rhythm, and electronic rap, Ed Balloon’s music, much like his dancing, moves in unlikely directions. With a little bit of everything thrown in there Ed Balloon got the crowd moving and transformed the venue into the nightclub it doubles as. From his soul beats to traditional rap, Balloon mystifies and grabs ahold of his audience with such a dominating energy you can’t help but fall for his enticement.


In between sets, there was an overwhelming amount of chatter from fans. Handfuls of lucky audience-goers were still raving about their VIP soundcheck experience, while the girls on barricade were nearing tears with excitement of how close they were sharing their past experiences from prior K.Flay concerts.


There’s no better way to describe K.Flay when she hits the stage then as an explosion of energy. Some artists find it challenging to keep up with the groove of their own music, but K.Flay moves around the stage with fury and ease. The opening number “Make Me Fade” kicks the show off with a fiery tempo that you rarely see performers jump into immediately. It’s astonishing how K.Flay’s energy transcends the tensity that reigns in recorded versions, bringing her sound to a new level. Its a transition few singers make from recordings to live renditions, but K.Flay exceeds expectations.


K.Flay’s music is hard to categorize – a blend go hip hop, R&B, rap, and indie electronica. But she makes it work. K.Flay encapsulates this freeness in performance that justifies her genre-defying music. Backing K.Flay’s tremendous dancing is an array of light and video screens that help set the stage, supporting K.Flay’s adventurousness in their visuals. Whether she be rapping, playing piano, or jumping off the stage, K.Flay executes it perfectly. In the modern music scene she brings a refreshing boldness that other artists can only hope to one day match.


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The Every Where  is Some Where tour is making its way around the United States and into Europe. If you have the chance to catch a date, do not miss out! Tickets can be found at: http://www.kflay.com


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