Jake Bugg Serenades the Paradise Rock Club

Following the release of his fourth studio album Hearts That Strain, Jake Bugg set off on a North American tour visiting cities from Minneapolis to Quebec. There’s something so captivating about Jake Bugg when he takes command of the stage. It’s just him and his guitar up there; a no-glitz formula that Bugg takes and somehow makes so much more engaging then its simplicity implies. Over the course of the night Jake Bugg sang songs off of all four of his albums – although he barely touched the tracklist from On My One, instead embarrassingly shaking his head and explaining that he doesn’t really want to talk about that album anymore. Bugg used his stage presence to do some personal back and forth with audience members that left the crowd laughing at his comedic banter. But by far the best connection between Bugg and his audience was shown through the music itself.  Whether it be shown through muffled sniffling and tears shed during “Broken” or a couple whispering to each other “this is our song” and smiling during “Waiting,” everyone in that audience was personally moved by Jake Bugg’s performance, a relationship that only few artists’ music has shown to master.

DSC_1736DSC_1743 (1)DSC_1727 (1)DSC_1715 (2)DSC_1726DSC_1822DSC_1807DSC_1717DSC_1733DSC_1790 (1)DSC_1776 (1)DSC_1725DSC_1729 (1)DSC_1819DSC_1784 (1)

JAKE BUGG: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Photographed and Written by: Samantha Schraub

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