Magic Giant with Half the Animal at ONCE Ballroom

Magic Giant recently set off on a supporting tour across the United States making a name for themselves among new and old fans. The trio surely know how to make the most out of an evening breaking out every possible instrument that they could whether it be a banjo or a drum that’s bigger than themselves. Creating an intimate environment among the crows was no problem as for a very special song, they jumped off stage and sang directly in the audience. Austin Bisnow is truly a talented frontman making sure he put his absolute all into every song performance; it payed off. Every person in the crowd had a smile on their face, and a few even shed some tears during the emotional “Jade.” Fronted by Half the Animal, an equally as entertaining band, Magic Giant proved in Boston that they are truly a band to follow.

Magic Giant are heading back on tour in Winter 2018 with their Magic Misfits Tour which you can find the details to here.

Written and Photographed by: Samantha Schraub

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