How to Make the Perfect Study Playlist

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It seems like just yesterday you were settling into your dorm, and now all of a sudden you’re bombarded with homework, projects, and exams. The semester is almost halfway  over, and the dreaded midterms are approaching quickly. But don’t stress, we’ve put together four tips to help you make the perfect study playlist! Creating a playlist before a long study session will keep you energized, and allow you to focus on the material. It will also prevent distractions like the temptation to check your phone. So grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and get to work!

Tip #1: Include your favorite songs (And a few new ones too)

Pick songs that put you in a happy and upbeat mood. Also throw in some recent releases or upcoming artists you want to check out.

Tip #2: Don’t make it too short

Aim to make your playlist at least an hour long. After it ends, treat yourself to a quick break and a snack.

Tip #3: Don’t listen to it at a high volume

The volume should match that of background music.

Tip #4: Play it before an important exam

Listening to the same playlist will improve your memory and ability to remember important details and facts.

If you just simply don’t have the time to make a playlist, then check out ours: Study Playlist Enjoy, and good luck!

By: Gabriela Ruiz

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