Review: Bad Suns’s “This Was a Home Once”


Alt-rock band Bad Suns has transported fans back to the heart of the ’70s with the release of their newest music video and single, “This Was a Home Once.” Dripping with the vulnerability of childhood memories and the pain associated with the inevitable transition from adolescence to adulthood, this 21st century band has created a piece that radiates a rare type of golden nostalgia not often found in the pop culture scene today. This moving yet highly relatable song was touching to listeners and inspires a special type of self-reflection that one usually saves for a contemplative rainy day.

The notion of growth and change reflected in this song also complements the evolution of the band as a whole. While it has the same thoughtful quality as previous tracks such as “20 Years,” “This Was a Home Once” has tapped into an elusive but powerful sense of deep introspection; a quality that Bad Suns have been developing in their later works such as “Off She Goes” and “Defeated.” Lead vocalist Christo Bowman demonstrates his skill as a songwriter and brings listeners into the world of his own personal childhood. Listeners and fans feel their hearts ache alongside his as Bowman paints a dreary picture of the crushing reality of the present. Emotions flow freely as he sings, “Now the ceiling’s falling I feel the rain/This was a home once/With so much love comes so much pain.” One of the true beauties of this song is its ability to inspire the audience to connect sharing empathy for Christo’s personal story of everything that was once cherished, now lost to time.

The accompanying music video (released October 16th), proves that a video doesn’t have to be flashy or high-tech to capture the hearts of viewers. It continues the theme of nostalgia and recollection as it depicts each of the four band members riding bicycles through a neighborhood filled with childhood memories. The seamless combination of natural lighting and scenery mixed with clips of the band performing the track adds to the overall sincerity and complexity of the video.

As the song nears its closing lines, Bowman sings, “As one chapter ends another chapter begins,” a reflection of the band’s expected growth. “This Was a Home Once” illustrates that Bad Suns has found its voice and hit the perfect balance of past inspiration and a sound still embraced by the present time. While the future remains a mystery to all, Bad Suns’s story of musical growth and evolution is one that fans will not want to miss.

By: Jessica Nakamoto

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