Galantis at House of Blues Boston

On their latest tour, Galantis stopped by the House of Blues in Boston, turning the nightclub into an aviary for just one night. The EDM duo recently dropped their new album The Aviary and followed suit with a tour, bringing their electronic beats across countries from Washington, DC in the United States all the way to Dublin, Ireland. Catering to a sold-out audience, Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, the guys behind the music pumped out non-stop music. Combining songs from their latest album like “No Money” with their more popular songs like “Runaway (U & I),” Galantis engaged the crowd quickly and to their delight. Galantis are transfixing in their delivery which was crafted with stunning neon visuals but also more personage like the pair showed in their dance moves and direct interaction with the fans. There is no doubt that every person in that crowd had the time of their lives, smiles failing to leave faces even after the doors were closed. Be sure to keep up with Galantis on the rest of their tour and join in on the magic of Seafox nation. DSC_0726 (1)DSC_0672DSC_0778DSC_0813DSC_0709DSC_0725DSC_0714DSC_0969DSC_0835DSC_0816DSC_0746DSC_0836DSC_0815DSC_0959DSC_0875DSC_0720

By: Samantha Schraub

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