Review: Wonderful, Wonderful by The Killers

the killers

One of the biggest releases of September 2017 has by and large been Wonderful Wonderful, the newest album by The Killers. Clocking in at ten tracks and just under 45 minutes, the album is a cover-to-cover ode to life, love, triumph, and struggle. It’s a record that refreshingly cuts through the noise, and by all definitions shows that the Vegas rockers still have so much more up their sleeves even thirteen years after Hot Fuss.

Prior to the release of Wonderful Wonderful, lead single “The Man” sparked buzz around the alternative community for being exactly what audiences around the world had come to love about The Killers– it’s anthemic, it’s proud, and it’s a strong, no-frills rock song. The band certainly didn’t abandon this idea with the rest of the album; tracks like “Life to Come” and fellow single “Run for Cover” boast the same energy that keeps the finger on the pulse for Wonderful Wonderful.

Exceptionally, there is still balance throughout the album. By separating the powerful invincibility of certain tracks with slower, more introspective songs, The Killers play up their ability to create a complete, dimensional album capable of expressing the entire scope of human emotion. Such picks as “Some Kind of Love”, as well as the album’s title track, focus in on vulnerability and raw emotion, serving as homages to what makes humility so important. Though it’s an art that can sometimes border cheesy or cliche, The Killers manage to escape the trap of the expected to create a genuinely moving compilation.

Musically, Wonderful Wonderful is ripe with fresh production styles. “Rut” most prominently exemplifies this with a pleasantly surprising vocal distortion that could cause listeners to do a double-take. Songs like “The Calling” and “Wonderful Wonderful” stay true to the genre at their cores, yet branch out in unexpected ways- the former featuring sampling from a sermon, while the latter is an eerie, defining opening track that demonstrates that this is not a half-baked album.

This latest offering from The Killers is entertaining, enjoyable, and promising. Well worth the five years’ wait after 2012’s Battle Born, Wonderful Wonderful sets the stage for what is bound to be an exciting and noteworthy 2018 – including an intense touring schedule and what will likely be immense success for The Killers. Of course, this is not a band to miss out on, so keep an eye on Wonderful Wonderful and maybe even pick up a pair or two of tickets to their North American headline tour before they sell out.

By: Molly McCaul

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