The Return of The Killers


Written by Ava Butera

After waiting for far too long, fans of The Killers, known as “Victims” were surprised when the band dropped their first new song in five years. “The Man” is a pulsating jam full of that Vegas glitz and sarcastic tone The Killers are known for. Long-time fans were not thrilled with the track, because it sounded different than their previous album Battle Born, with frontman Brendon Flowers sounding more like David Byrne of The Talking Heads.

A couple of weeks later the band dropped another single, “Run For Cover.” This track in particular received critical acclaim for its classic Killers sound and keen lyrics. It sounds almost as if it could have been placed on a Battle Born/Hot Fuss hybrid album.

The full-length album went up for pre-order shortly after the second single was released and a North American and UK arena tour was announced. The era of Wonderful, Wonderful slowly approaches, regardless of if fans were physically and emotionally ready.

With more press teeming towards the new album, fans noticed that in recent photoshoots, interviews, and promos, The Killers were short a member. Guitarist Dave Keuning announced that he would be taking a break from touring and therefore would not be a part of the new album cycle. Last year, bassist Mark Stoermer took a break from touring as well when The Killers did their small run of festivals.

These breaks from various member are adding stress onto fans and the band. Even though Flowers had addressed the situations and seems to be fine with everything, fans can see that The Killers are starting to burn out. The Killers are one of my favorite bands of all time and it truly pains me to even acknowledge this, but critics and fans are predicting that Wonderful, Wonderful may be the last The Killers album for a little while, possibly longer than the gap Wonderful, Wonderful currently holds between its release and Battle Born.

Despite the rumored break, we can still look forward to future work from The Killers. The previews we’ve graciously received from the band, fans and casual listeners alike are bracing for the older Killers sound, all while being mature and showing their evolution from angsty young adults to wise grown ups. Make sure to see the band on their winter North American tour and pre-order Wonderful, Wonderful.


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