Interview with Hardcastle

Interviewed by: Emma Hintz and Brooke Nolan

Photographed by: Brooke Nolan
Hardcastle. That name might not sound too familiar to you now, but soon enough you won’t be able to escape it. The freshest, hippest, newest band in alternative will grab you by the hook and will not let go. With catchy tunes and an energetic stage presence, soon you won’t be able to get enough of these guys.  We were lucky to talk to them before their show about their biggest dreams, fan experiences, and got a bit silly in the process.


What The Kids Want: What band would you like to play with? What is your dream venue?

Val: Phoenix. I wanna play with Phoenix so bad.

Graham: Yes! Phoenix for sure. I know we all would love to play with them.

Val: Madison Square Garden.

Graham: Yeah Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks. My dream lineup would be the 1975, Bad Suns, Coin, Phoenix, Hippo Campus. It would be an all day type of thing but we would play at night.

Val: I wanna play the main stage of Bonnaroo at night, that’s the dream.
WTKW: What is your favorite fan experience?

Graham: It’s crazy because we went to Texas and we were like “wow we are so far away from home hopefully like one person knows our stuff” and we would go out and there would actually be people there for us so that’s really cool. It also means a lot to us when fans bring us gifts, it’s just really mind blowing.

Val: I think it’s really cool when we’re on stage and people actually fuck with our set and interact, that’s why I do it.


WTKW: Who are your greatest musical influences?

Val: From Hardcastle’s perspective I would say, The 1975 and Phoenix.

Graham: I would say Catfish and the Bottlemen

Noah: Kings of Leon, Oasis

Graham: Yeah we’re always getting influenced by different things. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of naming all of your favorite bands, but I would say our sound is really influenced by modern alternative bands mixed with a group of eclectic, classic bands that we kind of try to blend together and we’re always trying to listen to different eccentric things.


WTKW: What’s your favorite city you’ve played in?

Val: Personally, I would say Dallas.

Graham: Dallas or Minneapolis, but that’s not counting Atlanta, that’s where we started.


WTKW: What are the production aspects that go into a song?

Val: Back when it was mainly Graham, Miles, Kayden and I, back before Noah was in the band, I would do some production and then we met our friend Cleve aka Jive look him up on soundcloud.

Graham: Cleve was Val’s suite mate in college and they started working on stuff that wasn’t related to Hardcastle then I started hanging out with them and the first thing that we actually worked on together was Millennial Attraction and he kind of built the soundscape and the synths and from there our relationship has really grown. I wish he was here because he would give you such a good answer but he’s always thought of things differently.

Val: He adds a different aspect to the music I would say.


WTKW: What is your biggest struggle as a band?

Noah: Picking which episode of The Office we want to watch.

Graham: It’s all passion based. How passionate we are about our music and even the way we dress and making sure we present our self the way we want to be presented and there’s always going to be different people pulling at that.

Miles: We butt heads but it’s all from a place of being very intensely passionate about it.

Graham: It changes day to day. Literally one day we could get in a big thing about what episode of The Office to watch but then another day we’re like working on a song.

Val: A lot of it is focusing on the music and a lot of the times its when we’re trying to perfect something, we are perfectionists.


WTKW: What are the benefits of being a small band?

Graham: Control. We can do whatever we want. We don’t have anyone telling us what to do and that’s great. If we want to come to Florida, we’re gonna come to Florida. If we wanna go to Texas, we’re gonna go to Texas. Being able to control our music is great too.

Val: I gotta say, sometimes I think it would be good to have someone direct us because a lot of times we’ll get ourselves off track.


WTKW: What do you guys see in the near future?

Val: New music. We’ve been working on some stuff and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Miles: We’ve been talking about a music video so hopefully we’ll have that in the near future.

Val: We have a lot of ideas that we want to bring to the public.

Noah: New merch.

Graham: Right now this is pre-phase one of Hardcastle. We haven’t put out an album yet, we’ve built an image and a brand so far but I think the “Hardcastle” will really start to begin in the near future when we put out an EP and all that good stuff that comes with an EP.


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