Interview with The Polar Boys

Interview by Ana Gomez

The Polar Boys are an up-and-coming voice in beachy, retro music, and definitely one to watch! Before their set at Tea and Poets in Miami, on a night stacked with talented local bands, we got the chance to talk with Andres (lead guitar), Alex (bass), Jake (drums), and Andy (“better guitar”, a direct quote) to learn more about them.

What The Kids Want: Obviously you guys describe yourselves as “retro”, and you can clearly hear that in your music and see it in your aesthetic. What are some specific “oldie” artists you get inspiration from?
The Polar Boys: Definitely The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Those are our two biggest influences. We love ’60s rock, and we want to make music like that.
WTKW: What about inspiration from more modern artists?
PB: A lot of us are Bruno Mars fans because of his retro, ’80s throwback sound. That’s something we kind of use to our advantage in our music. Also, The Strokes and Hippo Campus are bands that we all love.
WTKW: Do you guys think that living in and being from Miami affects your music and the ideas you have for it?
PB: Yeah, there’s definitely so much talent and culture here. When it comes to Miami, there’s every type of genre. If you go further north, it seems like everything is one genre or style. Down here, you can find anything, which is awesome. That has an effect on us, and our music tries to be diverse as well. Maybe it doesn’t influence our sound as much, but definitely the way we run things. Miami, being a more Latin community, we have to work harder to get people to listen to our type of music.
WTKW: You guys just played a show in Orlando last night, how was it? Have you ever traveled that far for a show before?
PB: Jake has. He’s been all over the place with other bands. But for The Polar Boys, it was our first time. What we saw was that, at least that night,  we stuck out from all the other alternative, hard-rock sounding bands. But the trip was really good, it was a bonding experience. It wasn’t too big of a show, but we finally got to go out and talk to a lot of cool bands. We didn’t make it to Downtown Disney, which was our goal, but we did get endless appetizers at TGI Fridays.
WTKW: I guess you win some, you lose some. 
PB: Exactly!
WTKW: So just by looking at your social media, it’s clear how big of a fanbase you’ve grown in such a quick amount of time. What’s your reaction to that?
PB: We were surprised. We didn’t expect the exponential growth in the short time it happened. That was pretty cool. Most of us have been in bands before, so when we started this group we knew the ropes already and we knew what to do and who to contact. We knew we had to post pictures a lot and get ourselves out there. Seeing the growth was shocking, but at the same time we know we’ve been working hard towards it and we know our work ethic played a part in it. We’re all really focused and we love the music we’re making, so that contributes to it too.
WTKW: From looking at how the band started, I guess you could say they were pretty humble beginnings. Did any of you think the band would reach the heights it’s getting to?
PB: We really didn’t expect it. Before, some of us went our separate ways, and it’s kind of crazy how the universe works. But we all have a similar vision when it comes to what we want and where we want to take this band. We’ve been offered opportunities to play in Gainesville and Atlanta, so we’re hoping to do that next year, if not by the end of this year. It’s all happening pretty fast though, which is cool. This is the first project we’ve been in where the music, the style, our appearance, everything has been exactly what we wanted to do and we didn’t even know it. Nobody’s really been doing this kind of beachy, ’60s type of band in a long time, so we had a feeling that if we pulled it off in the right way, things would turn out well.
WTKW: With all these big goals you have and opportunities you’ve been given, are there any dream festivals or venues that you’d really want to play?  
PB: Coachella, are you kidding? I wish! If Coachella wanted us, we’d be more than happy to play. It’s a big shot, but we’ve always wanted to play Madison Square Garden or Wembley Stadium. If we play those, or even open for somebody there, we know we made it. American Airlines Arena (in Miami) would be cool. We’ve seen so many artists there that it would be surreal to be on the stage, from that perspective, seeing everyone in the crowd.
WTKW: So what are your plans for releasing new music. Any plans for an EP or an album?
PB: We’re really focusing on raising money to record five new songs on a badass EP. We want this EP to be what ultimately gets us publicity, or maybe a label could find us because of it. The better the studio is, the better we can showcase the music the way we want to.
WTKW: What’s something interesting or funny about the band that not a lot of people know?
PB: Andres is a lot more awkward in person, but behind the scenes he’s such a goofball. Jake is a really funny dancer. We also fight (and bond) over our mutual love for Super Smash Brothers. It gets very intense, really really bad.
WTKW: Who’s your character of choice?
PB: Alex’s favorite is “random”, so any character. And he still wins! It’s about skill.
The Polar Boys’ first two singles, “Life’s A Dream” and “Barbados”, are out now. You can find them on any social media on @thepolarboys and on their website.

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