Early Eyes, Hardcastle, and Love Sequence at the Entry


Early Eyes is a four-piece indie-rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota and they are going places, fast. The band formed in late 2016 and have already released their first EP, Minutes. They have sold out countless shows to back their outstanding record. Early Eyes consists of Jake Berglove (lead singer, guitar), Des Lawrence (bassist, backing vocals), Wyatt Fuller (drums), and new addition Joe Villano (guitar). Early Eyes played their first ever headline show at First Ave’s 7th Street Entry back in May to a sold-out crowd. They took on the Entry again on July 31st with openers Hardcastle and Love Sequence.

Love Sequence started out the night in the Entry. This local band pulled a very large crowd for an opener, and within minutes of the first note, a mosh pit formed. With their wildly infectious tunes such as “Cigarette” and “Underwear,” they had the whole club set to their vibe. If it wasn’t taboo to have an opener perform an encore, they would have. These guys have a dedicated local following, and for good reason.

Up next was Hardcastle who brought an inexpressible level of intensity to their live performance. The band truly put everything they’ve got into their show, pulling in those concert goers who didn’t even know any of their songs. From simple clapping to full on jumping, they knew exactly how to engage the crowd so everyone could feel like a part of the scene. Following the show, I asked what the best thing about the night was. Hardcastle all agreed that it was insane to see the line outside of First Ave., even before doors opened. Graham mentioned how it was surreal, especially since this is their first tour. I asked of all places, why Minnesota for their first tour, considering Minnesota isn’t always a huge hotspot to hit on most tours, especially when a band is just starting out. Graham mentioned the local music scene here, like Hippo Campus and Early Eyes, and how much they enjoyed the music and wanted to play a show here.

Early Eyes closed out the night securing an enormous amount of faith in the band despite a recent change of members. For this show, they pulled up two of their good friends, Sophia Cruz (singer) and Devin Wessels (keys). While Early Eyes incorporated more than a few of their own songs, they also included a few of Sophia’s, including a duet between Sophia and Devin. Some of the major crowd pleasers were from their EP entitled Minutes, such as “Sunrise,” “Waste of Time” and “Take You”. Early Eyes even threw in a few of their unreleased songs, with one of the favorites being “Penelope”.  They truly made this Monday one for the books.

Be sure to keep up with the bands on Spotify and Apple Music as well as on their social media pages below!

Early Eyes

Twitter: @EarlyEyesBand

Instagram: earlyeyesband

Facebook: Early Eyes



Twitter: @Hardcastle_band

Instagram: hardcastle_band

Facebook: Hardcastle


Love Sequence


Instagram: lovesequenceband

Facebook: Love Sequence


Written by: Samantha Meyer


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