Music Festival Essentials


Music Festival Season, the most wonderful time of the year! Major festivals are around the corner such as Lollapalooza and Music Midtown. First time attendees and well-versed festivals vets all need a crash course to brush up on the basics. Everyone’s main focus at a festival is to be safe, have fun, and enjoy the music! However, before you begin mapping out your daily schedules and choosing which outfits to wear, be sure to include and pack these super important festival essentials.

Sunscreen: Being that it is the summer and attendees will be outside all day in the raging hot sun for hours on end, sunscreen is a HUGE essential. Without it, you’ll get sunburnt or worse, sun poisoning. This is not a fun experience, especially when you get majorly burned the first day of the festival and have to endure up to four more days outdoors. Tip: Apply sunscreen thoroughly in the morning and if the security doesn’t allow aerosol cans, bring a stick and apply it every two hours!
Water: Again, being as though you’ll be outside 24/7, you NEED to rehydrate constantly. I make it a rule to drink a full bottle after every set, just so I can make it through the day without passing out. Almost every festival has free, refillable water stations, so refilling your bottle will be a breeze.
Comfortable shoes: Walking around acres of land the whole day won’t be fun if you’re stuck wearing flip flops or shoes that give you blisters. What happens if every band you want to see is playing on stages on opposite sides of the park? LOTS OF WALKING!!! Try wearing running sneakers, like Nikes or Adidas, or even Vans and Converse will work! I’ve also seen tons of people wear comfortable open-toed shoes such as Birkenstocks and Tevas as well.
GLITTER: This is definitely an important essential. Sure, it may not make or break you’re experience, but if you bring it and apply it right, you’ll look super cool! Okay maybe The 1975 isn’t playing any festivals this season, but don’t let that stop you from granting the world with your glittery greatness.
An extra pair of socks: This is a crucial one for me. Every festival I’ve attended (for the most part) has had its fair share of rain. However, every single time I enter the park, I always forget to bring socks even when I’m fully aware of the upcoming weather. Campgrounds and parks can get muddy and wet. Regardless of the forecast, pack extra socks!
Hairbands: It’s going to be hot outside and if you’re having a blast and dancing around to your favorite band’s set, you don’t want your hair to be your main focus! Throw it up in a bun or ponytail and shove thoughts of your hair looking bad into the back of your head.
Hand Sanitizer: I can’t reiterate this enough. Festivals are FILTHY! You’re spending some much time sweating and in the dirt, when it comes time to eat dinner, lunch, or small snacks, you don’t want germs to be a problem! Bring small handheld sanitizers.
Portable Phone Charger: If you want to take tons of photos and videos to show how amazing of a time you’re having at a festival, your phone is definitely going to run out of battery fast. Avoid that nightmare of a dead phone and bring some portable chargers!
An Optimistic Attitude: This is definitely the most important thing to bring to a festival! If you’re unhappy or pessimistic the whole time, you will have an unpleasant experience. Have fun and be open to missing a couple sets you really want to see. Don’t get upset over small bumps in the road. Be open to discovering new music. You may just find your new favorite band!

Written by: Ava Butera

Photo of: @igneousqueen


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