Arcade Fire: Everything Now


The legendary, rule-redefining six-piece Canadian group Arcade Fire have released their fifth studio album, Everything Now. The record is the latest full-length release since 2013’s award-winning Reflektor. The band is back at full force, once again delivering their signature undefinable sound, this time with an undertone of familiarity that comfortably fits right in with the popular alternative music of today.

The album opens up with a sort of reprise of their first release of the album, which is also the title track. It was this unforgettable song that made Arcade Fire burst back into the scene, with catchy harmonies and groovy flute lines throughout. “Signs of Life“, the next single, features an intriguing use of trumpets and violins, paired with cloudy basslines. This track is the first echo of the retro, ’70s influences which  recur through the whole album. Another single, “Creature Comfort“, harnesses a driving electronic beat along with clever lyrics that try to tackle several social issues. “Electric Blue” perfectly features these retro influences again, blended with the soft female falsetto vocals of front woman Régine Chassagne. Interestingly, the classic guitar riffs of “Good God Damn” seem to play homage to the sound of fellow indie rock legends The Black Keys. Something else that can be noted in Everything Now are the several short reprises throughout the record. These are something to look forward to- they are beautifully mixed, help the album flow and serving as perfect segues into the next track.

Like most other albums, not every track on Everything Now is one to be blown away by. However, the incredible live shows by the group and the impressive visuals for this record definitely make it worth a listen. Everything Now is sure to satisfy diehard fans and casual listeners alike.

Written by: Ana Gomez

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