3 Months of HWYKIYNT


A little over a year ago, I finally decided to take the plunge and look into the band COIN. I had seen a lot of my twitter followers tweeting about them, and I was very intrigued. “Talk Too Much” was the first song I heard, and that was where it all started. I listened to COIN’s debut album for weeks on end and bought a ticket for a nearby show with them as the opener for Bad Suns. That first show was so electric and the music left me with an incredible high that I couldn’t shake for hours afterwards. Months went by, and COIN remained silent until the beginning of 2017. They began with the singles: “I Don’t Wanna Dance” mid-February, followed by the remastered release of their first song “Malibu 1992” in March, “Feeling”, and lastly “Don’t Cry, 2020”.. The band finally announced the release date for the album and the abbreviated title: April 21st, HWYKIYNT. The fan theories started swirling around as to the meaning of the title. April 21st, a mere three months ago, is still so vivid to me. I felt as though I had waited an eternity to hear the album, and it definitely did not disappoint. My personal favorite, “Heart Eyes”, was the first new song I listened to off this album and it actually brought tears to my eyes. I don’t really know how to describe why this album, as well as the fans, are so special to me. I feel as though these songs exude the essence of a live show through just a studio recording. The lyrics are catchy yet genuine, the beats are dance-y and beautiful, and the overall feeling you’re left with is comparable to sitting on a dream-like cloud. This album really cemented my love for the band, the music, and the overly supportive fan base. As a result, most of the tour dates (released after the album) sold out. As soon as those tour dates released, I wanted to experience How Will You Know If You Never Try in its entirety. As a result, I traveled to two new states to see the live show again. Although the set list was the same, each show had a little something different that was intoxicating and addicting. Three months ago seems so far away now, and I feel somehow changed. This album pushed me out of my comfort zone and has given me some of the best memories of my life to date. I can’t even really imagine where my life would now be without this amazing album and this amazing band. I am so grateful to Chase, Ryan, Joe, and Zach for creating the soundtrack to my summer, the next 5 summers, and the next 5 after that. HWYKIYNT amen.

Written by: Savannah Rico


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