Foster the People: III

Foster The People has been one of my all-time favorite bands since I was about eleven years old. I remember blasting their first album, Torchesin the car with my father. This debut was followed by their second album, Supermodel, released in March of 2014. Since then, they have been on hiatus. Thankfully, Foster The People are back with some new music and a new twist on their signature sound!

The band has been releasing new songs over the past three months. These tracks are a preview to their new album, Sacred Hearts Clubwhich will be released July 21st. Back in April, the band released their first set of tracks from the future album in an EP titled III. It contains three songs: “Pay The Man,” “Doing It for the Money,” and “SHC.” These tracks have a dub-step beat, some hints of rap, and heavy bass, all part of a direction that the band hasn’t taken their music into before. The reaction to this EP was absolutely mental: everybody was talking about it. Foster the People followed up the release of III, with another track off of Sacred Hearts Club, Loyal Like Sid and Nancy.” This song has a very powerful message behind it, calling out social issues as per their usual philosophy. The latest release is “Sit Next To Me” is my personal favorite, because it features the band’s classic neo-psychedelic sound. 

Foster the People are an amazing group, and its as simple as that. Give them a listen and keep an eye out for their new album coming July 21st!

Written by: Savannah Sutton

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