A Night of Music @ AMH



While most people go out drinking or partying (or both) on a Friday night, last week on July 14th, I was among a group of 70+ people who chose to see some acoustic artists sing their hearts out on Long Island. Not only was the night incredibly humbling, but it was a night of great opportunity as well. The artists on the bill created by East Coast collective (ECC) were among Sam Pollet, Heavy Tides, Chase Huglin and Have Mercy’s Brian Swindle. For every night of tour that Huglin and Swindle are on, they allow the chance for local artists to open up for them. It was really great to hear some new and old songs from some of my favorite performers and close friends. It was a hot night of tunes, as well as temperature.
Sam Pollet started off the night of acoustic hangs by not only playing songs off of her new album ‘Tripping Up’. These included Gone, and Muse, but also some iconic covers as well. It was nice to see her incorporate Real Friends and Modern Baseball into the set, which really got the crowd going. Second up to bat was Heavy Tides (Danny Palladino), who brought out all the emotions in his moving performance. Next on the bill was Chase Huglin, who played some tunes that really got everybody singing along, especially two very excited fans right in the front row. Last up was Brian Swindle who was a bit hesitant to get up on stage at the start, but ended up having a blast singing some throwbacks from Have Mercy’s discography. He even almost started to cover ‘Gravity’ by A Will Away. Overall, all the performances of the night were so enthralling to witness, and the crowd participation was eminent. It was definitely a Friday night I’ll never forget.

Written by: Christina Morgan

Photos by: Christina Morgan

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