Artist on the Rise: HUNNY


Honey. You may think of that sticky sweet goodness in a bottle, Winnie the Pooh, or maybe your significant other. Someday soon, you’ll think of HUNNY, the band. This alt/indie rock group originated in Southern California only 3 years ago. They are made up of: Jason Yarger (lead vocals and guitarist), Kevin Grimmett (backup vocals and keyboardist), Gregory Horne (bassist), Jake Goldstein (guitarist), and Joey Anderson (drummer). Since their inception, the band has released two EPs, Pain/Ache/Loving (2015), two singles in 2016: Colder Parts and Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me), and their latest EP: Windows I, in May 2017. At the end of 2016, one of the band’s members Jacob Munk, announced he was leaving the band. Many fans were concerned about the future of the band after this announcement, but once Windows I was finally released, all doubt was cast aside. HUNNY wasn’t going anywhere- they were back and better than ever. Some of you may recognize the band from The Neighbourhood’s Flood Tour in 2015, or most recently Bad Suns’ Outskirts of Paradise Tour, which ended last month. As a resident of Southern California, I have seen HUNNY perform live 5 times since December 2016. For the rest of the country, HUNNY’s touring has been rather limited. Bad Suns recently announced that the band will be joining them again for the Love Like Revenge fall tour, which covers most of the nation. As a fan myself, I can tell you that most people I have introduced to HUNNY have fallen in love immediately. Their shows are very high energy and elicit contagious dancing for all the audience. At their more recent shows, the band has been playing newer music and announced 3 headlining shows in Southern California before resuming as an opener for Bad Suns in the fall. If my opinion of the band is not enough, go give them a listen for yourself. Their rise has been slow and steady, but they’re really taking off now. Mark my words, HUNNY will soon announce a US headline tour by the end of next year and steal the hearts of the whole nation. “Honey” will soon have a whole new connotation that is sticky sweet goodness- for your ears.

Written by: Savannah Rico

Photo taken by: Savannah Rico

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