Interview with Natalie Claro


Interview by Brooke Nolan & Emma Hintz

Energetic, cool, and inspiring are all words we would use to describe Natalie Claro. The young up-and-coming artist out of Tampa, Florida proves that if you can dream it, you can do it. With the success of her first album “Disconnect” and an upcoming tour, soon will everyone will know who Natalie Claro is.

What The Kids Want: What is your least favorite question to be asked in interviews and why?
Natalie Claro: I always get asked the question “what is it like being a female artist in the industry?” I try not to be rude so every time I just kind of make something up, but the honest answer is I have no idea. I didn’t even really notice a difference until people started asking me this question.

WTKW: Are you excited to open for Public on this tour?
NC: I am really excited to open for Public, I’ve always been a fan of theirs and I really love 4Her. I hope they like me and I really hope I get to talk to them because sometimes when you open for bands you don’t even really get to talk to them and it sucks.

WTKW: What is your weirdest fan experience?
NC: I was opening for Hawthorne Heights and the way I used to set up my shows was I did baby bug last because it was my finale song and I did my whole speech and everything. Well during the middle of the song this chick jumps on stage, grabs my drum mallets and starts humping me from behind and I’m looking at the security guard like “please come help me” but he’s just sitting there staring at me. My dad was all the way in the back of the room so he couldn’t do anything so I just went along with it. After the song she starts to walk out of the venue with the drum mallets and my dad is like “um miss, those aren’t yours.” and she’s just like “no they are mine the girl gave them to me” this girl was wasted. My dad just says “No she didn’t I’m her dad!”

WTKW: Who is your style icon and why?
N: Zella Day. She is so freaking cool, sometimes I’ll look through her Instagram and sit there and look at her pictures saying “how do I replicate this but in my own way?”

WTKW: What was your favorite show to play so far?
NC: My acoustic show in the park because I didn’t just play, I also got to hang with everyone after and I don’t normally get to do that. We didn’t get to play twister because it was too windy but we had pizza and it was just a really good time.



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